Vehicle Accident Investigations

Colorado Accident investigation

Accident investigation and accident reconstruction are commonly heard terms, but what exactly are they?

After a motor vehicle accident occurs, particularly one resulting in severe injuries or death, it will usually be investigated by a professional accident investigator and sometimes may be reconstructed.

There are two primary types of people that perform these duties, the police and independent investigators.

The police will investigate an accident with the intention of determining if any criminal action took place in the accident. Some of the things the police look for are speeding, hours-of-service violations, mechanical violations, alcohol use, drug use, etc.

For example, if a truck driver is exceeding his hours of service and causes a serious accident because he fell asleep at the wheel, he will likely be criminally charged. If that accident results in a fatality, the charge will likely be homicide.

Independent accident investigators are normally hired by the insurance companies or attorneys of the parties involved in an accident. The job of the independent investigator is to analyze the causes of the accident so that liability and/or financial responsibility can be determined. These independent investigators are often off-duty police officers, retired police officers, automotive technologists, or engineers. However, investigators from many other backgrounds are also common.

The good news is that many investigators offer a free initial consultation