Posted by Colorado Investigators on 03/23/2016

What are Types of Investigator You Need?

What are Types of Investigator You Need?

What are Types of Investigator You Need?

Are you searching for the best investigator to help you with your case? Well, there are several types of investigators to help you out with such concern. These investigators vary on their specializations and their areas of expertise. Depending on what type of case you face, you can always ask for the service of an investigator that can handle your case well.

Here is the complete list of some of the types of investigator you may get assistance with:

  1. Crime Scene Investigator

This investigator is also known as a storyteller. It is his or her main responsibility to figure out the most important details in a particular crime. The purpose is to create the most precise and most organized chain of events. The events are simply enough to tell the story and to incarcerate, to catch and to charge a criminal.

  1. Insurance Fraud Investigator

This insurance fraud investigator spends more time and effort in researching some of the related events related to insurance claims. This is also to assure of the falsifying insurance claims. The job also includes the authentication of some of the insurance claims. This is actually made by the company and by the concerned individual.

  1. Accident Investigator

An accident investigator is responsible in determining the main cause of the accident. This is also divided into a car accident investigator, aviation accident investigator and more. One usually examines the accident/incident for the most precise results.

  1. Private Investigators

Private investigators are also sometimes considered as police officers. They have already retired on their positions and they have moved to the private sectors. They are also those people who don’t have prior experience in criminal justice field. This is simply because they have studied their degree in private investigation. This investigator is primarily hired by all attorneys, individuals, corporations and families on several types of cases.

Some of the cases they handle include of putting some surveillance to an individual or even a group of people. They also search for missing people and they run some background check in some of the entities and individuals. They also investigate some of their clients’ affairs.

  1. Legal Investigator

Á legal investigator also performs a job that is a bit similar to a detective. This is also as far as the law system is concerned. One usually checks the facts and gathers up some evidences as a proof to a certain case. Their investigating services highlight the interview of the case witnesses, surveillances and more. They also usually capture some photos of the evidences. They also carry out some researches about the case.

  1. Forensic Investigator

The job of a forensic investigator surrounds on determining the precise thing that has happened in the crime scene. The focus is also on the people who get involved in the crime and the time that it happened.

These are just some of the types of investigators that you need for your case. Be sure to hire for any of the above mentioned investigators that still depend on the case you handle. When you have already decided on the type of investigator to choose from, be sure to seek for those professional, skilled and expert investigators.