Background Checks

Colorado Background Investigations
Today’s Background Investigation are about a lot more than just criminal checks.

In today's fast-paced society, if someone close to you is involved in something criminal, you could end up paying the cost – legally, financially, and personally. Worse, even though people around us can betray us, we rarely take the time to make sure that the people we entrust are in fact trustworthy.

Thanks to today’s Background Investigation, that can change. Today’s pre employment, personal, and caregiver checks allow us to find out about someone legally and quickly – before we give someone the power to harm us or our loved ones. Today’s professional checks can help you learn a person’s driving record, credit history, education history, and criminal record – before you trust them. Large corporations routinely run business background checks and employment background checks to stay safe. (Courtesy of

The good news is that many investigators offer a free initial consultation