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Sometimes the Guy Didn't Do It

Sometimes the Guy Didn't Do It

Because of my experience as a Special Agent of the FBI and a Deputy District Attorney, my initial reaction to the case is that the guy did it.  That, of course, is not always true and the following are four cases where The Guy Didn't Do It!

Case #1 - Rape

A young lady met a guy in a bar through friends, including her sister.  She leaves with him and they have sex at his place.  She then files a report of rape.  I investigate by first carefully analyzing the police report and creating a timeline of events.  Utilizing the police report's own information, I realize there is something wrong with the young lady's claim.  I conduct a few interviews, verify a few facts and determine it could not have happened the way the young lady said.  I present my information to the District Attorney who ultimately dismisses the charge and files against the young lady for False Reporting.  In this case the police and prosecutor had all the evidence they needed to come to the same conclusion I did but failed to conduct an analysis of the case or develop a timeline as I did.  Sometimes the natural bias of the police and prosecutor has to be challenged.  I still believe the system works, even if I, as a private investigator, have to help it along. Sometimes The Guy Didn't Do It.

Case #2 - Armed robbery

This is a case you might only see on TV.  The defendant is "set up" by the alleged victims and a third party.  The victims claim the defendant and an unknown friend of the defendant hold them up at gunpoint.  The defendant claims the victims know the third person who ends up robbing the defendant of money the victims knew the defendant had on him.  I actually investigate the defendant's version of events, ultimately identify the third party, and prove the victims know him.  I pass along the information to the District Attorney and an investigator in the DA's office follows up.  Case dismissed.  Sometimes you just have to listen to the defendant and see if what he says is true or false.  Sometimes The Guy Didn't Do It!

Case #3

A defendant is on trial for 3 counts of attempted murder.  As a former prosecutor myself, I analyze the undisputed facts and see that the District Attorney has over reached and way, way overcharged.  The defendant is definitely guilty of something, but not attempted murder.  I consult with the inexperienced, but motivated defense attorneys, and give them my opinion on how to present the case to the jury.  They go along with me and the jury finds the defendant guilty of a single count of 2nd Degree Assault - With Passion, exactly what the defendant is actually guilty of.  The lesson here is that the District Attorney's job is not to seek revenge or even to get a conviction.  Their job is to
"Seek Justice".  Sometimes the guy did do it, but not always what he is charged with.

Case #4

A car hits a pedestrian at an intersection.  The pedestrian is taken to the hospital and the police, based solely on information received from the driver of the car, charge the pedestrian with taking the right of way.  I am tasked with getting the pedestrian's version of events, and locating witnesses.  Unlike the police, I actually conduct an investigation and determine the pedestrian was in the crosswalk and just one step from reaching the other side of the street.  It is not clear whether the driver of the vehicle had a green light at this point, but the vehicle did not have its lights on at 6:00 am in December.  Also, witnesses say that the driver is probably speeding and so close to the right side of the street that the pedestrian it struck less than a couple feet from the curb.  The pedestrian's case is dismissed.  Sometimes The Guy Didn't Do It, and the other guy is liable for injuries.

If you have a case that needs unbiased investigation and analysis, or assistance from an investigator who has also conducted 181 jury trials as a prosecutor and civil attorney, give me a call.  As I have found, Sometimes The Guy Didn't Do It.


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