Divorce Investigations

You suspect your spouse of cheating and have considered hiring a divorce investigator. You want hard evidence, such as photographs, videotape, and names and addresses – information to help you with the difficult choices that may be ahead. Which may include divorce or legal separation.

Surveillence is the most basic, fundamental approach to detecting and proving infidelity, plus analyzing cell phone, bank, and credit card records. Are there hidden bank accounts or credit cards, a second home or apartment. 

Subsequent to divorce, divorce investigators are employed to determine issues such as whether the ex is discreetly cohabitating while the client is paying alimony. The question of whether the children are in the care and custody of the best provider has to be considered.

Many parents want background information on an ex’s new boyfriend or girlfriend – an unknown adult to whom the children are now exposed. Documenting the new lifestyle of an ex may also be relevant in custody issues. Consulting an investigator to discuss these issues and your options is always sound advice.

The good news is that many investigators offer a free initial consultation.